Bad Moon

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Don’t you hate it when you think you’ve heard a great big werewolf outside, but it turns out to be the neighbors trying to sing the opening to “Welcome to the Jungle”? That’s no Axl Rose!


I thought Eric Red wrote some excellent dialogue. He made you understand the situations and feel exactly how he wanted you to feel
throughout the film.


I loved Michael Pare’s performance in this. First you love him then you hate him!!
All acting was believable in this.


I must mention Eric Red once again, he’s a great writer. He also wrote the 1986 hit “The Hitcher”. The Story is based off of a book called
“Thor”, and was the same story but from the dog’s point-of-view; heavy.


There was mainly only one theme of music used, but it was sure clever – Effective enough to draw you deeper into the story. Excellent!!!

Final Verdict

I love this movie; great directing, storyline, and acting. One of the better werewolf films. Check it out!!

4.5/5 Reels
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