Wayne’s World

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Wayne’s World


Mike Myers and Dana Carvey play as Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar, two young adults who run a public access cable show out of the basement of Wayne’s house, who still lives with his parents. The show is called Wayne’s World, and is very popular within their small town of Aurora, Illinois. They frequently visit the Gasworks, a rock and roll club, where Wayne meets the love of his life – rocker Cassandra. As he tries to impress here, the Wayne’s World TV show is bought out by a larger producer, he tries to manipulate it to his own selfish desires. Wayne, Garth, and the rest of the gang team up to get the show back, and continue to be free! Excellent!


The dialogue in the movie was classic. Many of the lines in this movie have been quoted in countless sentences for years. Examples include “No Stairway!”, “We’re not worthy!”, and “That’s what she said!”. Since Mike Myers, an undeniable god of comedy, plays Wayne, you know that there is something funny in every sentence!


The acting in Wayne’s World was perfect – the roles were cast perfectly. I can’t possibly think of anyone else who could have pulled the role of Wayne off as well as Mike Myers did. Dana Carvey also had a great performance as Garth, Wayne’s dim friend.


The plot in Wayne’s World was easy to follow and pretty original. There were a lot of parodies and spoofs of other movies and TV series, like James Bond and Scooby Doo.


The music in Wayne’s World was superb. Not only was there the music for movie scenes, there were classic themes from James Bond and other spy movies, as well as the cool rock songs sung by Wayne’s girlfriend, Cassandra.


This is a movie that you must see at least 5 times in your lifetime. You can’t ever grow tired of Mike Myers and his hilarious antics in Wayne’s World.

If you liked this movie (you will), you should also check out the Austin Powers series, which also stars Mike Myers!

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