Madagascar: Back 2 Africa

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After spending several months on the island of Madagascar, the wild gang of animals plan their return trip to New York. After a short trip on their badly-repaired airplane, they land in Africa. Alex (Ben Stiller) meets his long lost father, and the others fit right in with their respective groups. All seems well until the four realize that they need each other more than they ever realized.


There were some classic lines in this movie for sure. The lines were well written and combined to create a short but eventful plot. Characters like Alex (Stiller) and Marty (Chris Rock) help make this movie come alive. My personal favorites were the penguins and Moto Moto (Will.i.Am).Overall, the movie had a star-studded cast:

  • Alec Baldwin
  • Bernie Mac
  • Will.i.Am
  • Chris Rock
  • Ben Stiller
  • Cedric the Entertainer


There is no way you could find a better cast for this movie. The roles fit the voices and mannerisms of the characters in the movie and vice versa so well, it was scary. Not to mention that this was also one of Bernie Mac’s last performances before his passing back in August.

As far as the animation and modeling goes, there was no issues that I could easily see. The animation was fluid and the environments looked pretty realistic. It never hurts to have great scenery (unless you are filming something in the dark…)


Continuing from the first movie’s plot, Madagascar: Back 2 Africa starts with the great escape from the island of Madagascar aboard a re-built airplane piloted by those crafty penguins. The animals, having spent several months on Madagascar, were ready to return to New York and the Zoo. They end up getting stuck in Africa after the plane crashes.

There was a good continuation in the sequel regarding events from the first movie. One of the biggest references is to the incident that occurred on Madagascar between Alex and


The scores for the film were great; who can resist Will.i.Am in an animated movie? Beyond cool to say the very least.


Madagascar:Back 2 Africa was an excellent film, and really surprised me. I never saw the first one in theaters, and even though I thought it was funny, the sequel seems to be much better overall. I highly recommend watching this movie, it is appropriate for all ages and appeals to all humors.

Trivia – Moto Moto means Hot Hot in Swahili! (The name so nice you say it twice!)

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Madagascar : Escape 2 Africa [Theatrical Release]

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