Waylon Bacon Shorts (Demo Reel)

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This is a review of three short films by Director Waylon Bacon.


The short starts out with a very strange looking man walking around town. He seems to be very well known and one of those people who you just can’t hate. After a series of “Hi Bob!!” from many other strange looking people (Such as a veteran, a hobo, a bag lady, business man, etc). Bob is then struck in the middle of the street, Killed upon impact. The driver of the car then looks back and then says “Sorry Bob.” The thing that really gets you is that abnormal make up done by Shannon Burla, which is grade A.

3/5 Reels
Squid Rating

Poster Boy

This short deals with a guy, who obviously isn’t healthy due to the color of his skin, looking around his house for cigarettes. We learn he smokes ALOT based on the massive amounts of empty cigarette packs around his house. So he proceeds to go out and buy some more. After he purchases them and starts smoking them, the public notices him. They all start coughing and see he is the one causing them to do so. They start chasing him around the city until he makes it back to his house. Once he is inside he races to the bathroom and starts to smoke again. After he takes a few puffs he notices lines begin to appear around his jaw. All of a sudden it just falls off. His chasers come in and think he did it himself to stop smoking. He is praised and then made into the next billboard, this is what will happen to you if you smoke, kind of deal. Really unique piece here, and it would not have been anywhere near as good as it is without the score by Jason Miller. The incredible special effects continue as Shannon Burla, with Jeff Lanzaga and Ali Ulrich, show off more of their work.

4/5 Reels
Golden Squid Rating

My Worst Nightmare

This short was my favorite out of the whole group of them. I loved how it starts out in his dream, with him telling us about it in a voiceover. The fact that both his father and him were buried under two twin rosebushes is insane!!! He comes back and the ladies of the house, but they complain about how rude he was for coming back. They explained how it wasn’t fair to them, since they’ve grieved and recovered already. With that said, he proceeds to go back to his rosebushy grave. This one shows more of the creative side of the twisted world of Waylon Bacon. Also there are plans for this short to be made into a feature length film, which I think would be amazing to see.

4.5/5 Reels
Platinum Squid Rating

To catch more of his awesome shorts and artwork check out: www.waylonbacon.com

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