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What’s your price for fortune and fame? At what point do you realize that what you’ve done may have gone too far? Many times this is the case, you want something so bad that you become obsessed with getting it and have to obtain it at any cost, even if that cost includes death, like the fellow in the 2007 release of Kamal Ahmed’s “Rapturious.”


Written by the director, Kamal Ahmed did a good job at keeping the focus on Rapturious throughout all of the characters conversations throughout the film. All of the dialogue flowed well with the emotion expressed in each scene. There was a small iffy spot which I felt like could have been the beginning of end of the film. When Rapturious goes to see the Doctor, and he begins to talk about the old book he found, and read stuff about demons kind of made me cringe a little considering that line came from one of my favorite people in horror, Joe Bob Briggs. Besides that the dialogue was very well written in my eyes.


To my complete surprise I found the acting to be very very good. Robert Oppel did an AMAZING job in the lead role. Lori Eastside and Adrienne Mazzone did a great job at casting every part in the film down to a tee, and it really paid off in my book. Of course any chance you can get a well known person in horror in your flick, you’ve got to pounce at that opportunity, like they did with Joe Bob Briggs. To me he added a great feel to the already impressive atmosphere of the film.


The plot, in essence, was about a rapper who begins to take this “After-Life” drug, and he starts having visions of murder. On paper the plot seems kinda silly, and a lot of other reviews out there point this out and degrade it for that. I went into the film with an open mind and really enjoyed the story. There is a few different themes going on like the classic selling your soul to the devil, and affects of an drug on the users mentality, but overall it’s a different but entertaining plot Kudos to them.


Overall I thought this was going to be a HUGE flop, but boy was I wrong!!! This turned out to be one of the better indie flicks I’ve seen in a while. I really recommend everyone to check it out, don’t just read the plot, because you might just shoot it down then and there, actually watch it, you won’t be let down.

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