Urban Nights Press Release

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Patrick Farmer’s Urban Nights

Fulton, KY (osquid.com); December 15, 2008 – Publisher of online media and interactive content, Omega Squid Studios (OSS), has formally announced the commencement of work on Urban Nights, a film written and directed by Patrick Farmer of Horrorhut Productions.

“This is going to be a ground-breaking new project for both the company [Omega Squid Studios] and the members of the viewing audience.”

– Shelby Jones, owner of Omega Squid Studios

Urban Nights is an anthology-one film comprised of three smaller features-much like The Twilight Zone or Tales from the Crypt. The stories are set in an ‘urban’ environment.

The production is utilizing local talent and resources in several areas. From the actors to the locations, the film is a collective community effort, and all assistance is appreciated.

"It is going to be a great film; I’m proud of the script. The three stories are, to me, very original and entertaining; You get different feelings throughout, whether it’s a comedic or more of a serious tone, and they do deliver. I am thankful for everyone involved who have put so much into the project, and believing in it as much as I do; without them, this film could never become a reality."

– Patrick Farmer, director of Urban Nights

Producer Shelby Jones of Omega Squid Studios is currently looking for those who wish to contribute funds to help cover the cost of the production. It is estimated that another $500 will need to be raised so that necessary equipment and other supplies can be purchased. Sponsors will receive mention in the film’s credits. Please contact OSS for more information.

Urban Nights has its own website, which is currently under construction. OSS plans to have trailers of the film and cast bios up as soon as possible. You can visit the site at www.urbannightsfilm.com. Please direct inquiries to contact@osquid.com.

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You can download the Press Release in a PDF file:

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