Creep Tonite

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Join the new master of horror, Dakota A. Thomas, as he takes you on terrifying trip exposing your mind to three classic urban legends. Drew and Sam are your ordinary mid-western American kids who are looking for a scare on a rainy Halloween night. Their mother (Heather Langenkamp) keeps them under close surveillance after their father’s disappearance. Drew (Zachary Van Hellsing), being the older and braver big bother, lets Sam take a look at a new comic just released on the market. The comic book is called Creep Tonite and inside contains the three legends that this morbid masterpiece is centered around.

In the first story the mirror world unleashes the evil spirit of Bloody Mary. Mary a once lonely woman tortured by the town after giving birth to the devil’s child now roams the spirit world waiting for someone to call her. Having a sleepover Samantha and Jackie decide to find out if the legend is true or not.

In the second story the lick of a dog is very symbolic. After loosing her husband in an unusual manner, Amelia (Lois Chiles) decides to take her dog and herself out into an old cabin her family has owned for years and take a long vacation. Getting away from the buzzing city and unhappy reminders of her husband Amelia is more than happy to make the drive out there. While out there she comes face to face with the man (Jonathan Brett) she claims had a part in her husband’s death, and not even her dog can save her.

In the last story we meet Ann-Marie. Normally a good girl she decided to go to a part only to find herself drinking a little too much. After stopping at a local diner and denting another person’s car she finds herself on a long car chase with the driver behind her flashing his lights on and off.

Won’t you join us for the next epic horror Anthology?


Seems like this is going to be a interesting film. With Heather Langenkamp ( A Nightmare On Elm Street) and Lois Chiles (Creepshow 2) in talks to star in the feature, this will be highly anticipated film by my eyes. Along with Johnathan Brett (Stupid Teenagers Must Die and The Real Life) already attached to this project we also get to see the feature film debut of Zachary Van Hellsing, and Stephanie Flores. To me this sounds like it will be a great anthology flick, along the likes of “Creepshow” and “Body Bags”. David Winning ( Goosebumps, Are You Afraid Of The Dark) in also in talks to direct this morbid feature. Written by a good friend of mine, and upcoming master of horror, Dakota A. Thomas, it’ll be one to keep tabs with and we will as updates comes our way.

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