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Hello there, take a seat if you will; Here is the story of Shelby, the producer of Urban Nights. After hitting a family & friends holiday party this Friday night, I wrapped up the rest of the evening sitting in a loooong read-through of the Urban Nights script.

Why weren’t we filming? Good question. Our location canceled their appointment to let us film tonight, so we will regroup and try again next week. Not wanting to waste valuable time, we opted to have the cast read through and adjust the scripts.

After all the re-reads and edits, we decide to watch an Independent film that was made by one of the cast members of Urban Nights. The movie was Yule Die, directed by Seth Middleton. A special video review was spawned in the middle of the night, and will be out this week as part of the SquidFlicks Christmas festivities.

We were finished at around 3 AM Saturday morning. I am still tired. 😀

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