On the horizon: Top movies of 2009

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So, 2008 is almost over. There have been a LOT of great movies this year, but that’s the past. There is someone who has created a list of what they think will be the top movies of the upcoming year.

Is this list 100% correct? No, but I think that some of these movies will be worth checking out next year. After seeing what movies I look forward to, visit the article and see the other top titles that have been selected.

Keep reading to see the picks!

My Picks


UP (Disney/Pixar)

Why? Pixar has created 9 spectacular movies in a row so far, starting with Toy Story and one of 2008’s best movies, Wall-E. UP is a little different from the other titles, but I think that is what makes it so appealing. It stars an older man who escapes a life of confinement to discover the world. He accomplishes this by turning his house into a giant flying machine. It will also look REALLY nice in Digital 3D. IMDB


Watchmen (Warner Bros.)

Why? Even though a good majority of comic book movies are pretty lackluster after a lot of pre-release hype, this may be one of the few real greats. A solid story line and a massive fan following will help make this movie a winner. I like it already because it has a dark theme similar to The Dark Knight. IMDB



Why? Not much is known about this movie, but it is a huge project, and if pulled off right, could be spectacular. It pits humans against a mysterious and valuable planetary resource deep in outer space. IMDB

Not Listed

Other movies I look forward to in 2009, but were not listed on the prediction post.


Monsters versus Aliens

Why? This is just awesome all around. If you’ve read the first look about the movie, there are a lot of factors that could contribute to a box office success. A cast of great actors and a sound storyline are crucial to bring Monsters versus Aliens to glory. IMDB

It will be really cool to compare the REAL top movies of 2009 to the predictions cast here; be sure and remind me when that time comes around. 😉

Compare my list to the original article’s list.

What is going to be a great movie to come in 2009? Tell us below!

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