How hard could it be? DTV in 2009

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Hopefully you have heard the news; All broadcasts in the United States will be changing to digital over the old analog, and if you don’t have a modern TV, you could be left out in the dark.

Many people don’t have TVs with the automatic DTV connection, and there are some solutions to remedy that problem. One of the most advertised solutions is a DTV converter box, which you can add to an existing TV set. There is a government rebate to be had when you purchase a converter as well. Two other solutions are available – subscribing to cable or satellite TV to receive digital content, or purchasing a modern TV that has a DTV adapter built into it.

Since many people have and will use the converter box, someone made this hilarious video showing just how confused some of the less-technical population will be when trying to hook the converter up to the TV.


EDIT: The first video was removed for copyright reasons (Seriously?) on youtube,  and I was able to find a second version! See it before it’s gone!

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