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I have decided to make a slight policy change for SquidFlicks – now you can post comments without having to register! This allows our visitors who spend less time here post their opinions quickly and conveniently!

You will still have to enter your name and email for security purposes, and some comments may not appear instantly due to our comment spam filter. All held comments will be reviewed personally before they are posted so that we can thwart spam as best as possible!

Now don’t get me wrong, I would love for you to join the blog, but I understand you may not want to mess with it. I would appreciate you leaving a comment or subscribing to our feed or even referring us to your friends just as much as you joining the blog! Thanks for all of your support, and even though this has been a slower month, we plan to bring lots more content to the site!

Edit: I am also working on the blog’s tag cloud!

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