Friday the 13th – Remake

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Friday the 13th Movie Remake

SquidFlicks Preview 


Its seems now that “Friday the 13th” is the latest classic horror film to get caught up in the remake craze that has lasted years now. Thus far, of the information that has been revealed about this remake – it could be a good one.


I believe this could be one of the better remake that has come out in years. The director, Marcus Nispel, also helmed the 2003 release of “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” remake. considering that was a descent remake this could be good as well. The opening scene has been revealed and is as follows:

“The new Friday the 13th is going to open with Jason as a legend in the
Crystal Lake area. Five kids out in the woods looking for a bunch of weed they planted and stumble upon the deserted Camp Crystal Lake. Sitting around the fire that night, the dweeby one (there’s always a dweeby one) tells the legend of Jason Voorhees. After that the Survivor Girl and her boyfriend wander off into the woods, where they find a shitty old cabin. Inside are some clues, like a bed with the name Jason carved in it. An old picture of a girl who looks just like Survivor Girl. And Mama Voorhees’ head.Cue Jason. He murderizes the other four kids, and as he grabs Survivor Girl… slam into the opening credits.

seems pretty good to me, it will take elements of the first four films, which to me are the best of the series. This is a remake i’m actually looking forward too!!!!!

Release Date

Friday, February 13, 2009!!!!!!

– By the way, this is the 5th film in the series that has been released on this morbid date!

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