First Look: The Chemical King

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Folks, this was pulled from the site a year ago because the film was in several competitions. I have re-released it for viewing pleasure. Enjoy! 🙂

Big news, everyone! I recently contacted my cousin, Ellen Jones, who has been working as the producer of a new Independent Film called The Chemical King. SquidFlicks has the honor of being the first non-production entity to view the movie, so this will be a world-wide exclusive that you cannot afford to miss!

The Chemical King is a movie about a boy who runs away from home and meets a beautiful girl. Unfortunately, he is about the biggest nerd in the world and has less than a zero percent chance of having any interaction with her.

How does he solve his problem? Well, he takes his genius and makes the world’s first WORKING love potion, all from household materials. However, as always, his feelings for her are starting to fade, and the potion shows no signs of wearing off…

The movie will be reviewed in a group format, much like the very popular Nightmare on Elm Street SquidFlicks Movie Marathon. Ellen sent me the DVD a couple of days ago, and I have yet to watch it. I will wait until the entire group watches so that we are all honest! 😉

More updates on this soon!

See the website for The Chemical King –

Trailer for the film: (quicktime needed)

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  1. Guys, another unfortunate aspect of this is that I cannot find a trailer or purchase link for this movie ANYWHERE. I guess I am one of the only people with a DVD. I am going to try and find out if there are any developments.

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