The Bond Songs you Didn’t hear

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This is some great stuff! I found an awesome article about the James Bond/007 movies and their theme music selection. After reading, I found out that some big name celebrities have recorded theme music for several movies in the Bond series over the past 40 years, and that many of those themes went unheard.

The best part about the information is that you can actually listen to the music! (With the exception of two missing tracks.) There really were some great variations here that surprisingly didn’t make the cut.

Here’s a condensed list:

  • Goldfinger (1964); Originally recorded by Anthony Newley.
    Click to hear
  • Thunderball (1965); Originally recorded by Johnny Cash(!)
    Click to hear
  • You Only Live Twice (1967); Originally recorded by Lorraine Chandler.
    Click to hear
  • The Man With the Golden Gun (1974); Originally recorded by Alice Cooper.
    Click to hear
  • For Your Eyes Only (1981); Originally recorded by Blondie.
    Click to hear
  • Never Say Never Again (1983); Originally recorded by Phyllis Hyman.
    Click to hear
  • The Living Daylights (1987); Originally recorded by The Pet Shop Boys.
    Click to hear
  • License to Kill (1989); Originally recorded by Vic Flick & Eric Clapton.
    No Audio! =(
  • Goldeneye (1995); Originally recorded by Ace of Base.
    Click to hear
  • Tomorrow Never Dies (1997); Originally recorded by Saint Etienne.
    Click to hear
  • The World is Not Enough (1999); Originally recorded by Straw.
    Click to hear
  • Quantum of Solace (2008); Originally recorded by Amy Winehouse.
    No Audio! =(

See more details on the original article!

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