Old School

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Old School


When Frank “The Tank” Ricard (Will Ferrel) and his questionable friends Mitch Martin (Luke Wilson) and Bernard Campbell (Vince Vaughn) are tired of their adult lives and yearn once more to live the college life of parties and fun, they decide to start a fraternity of their own. When the colorful band of people they gathered as members are together, the entire campus is up for a wild ride!

The group bends over backwards to stay compliant with college policies, while mean old Dean Pritchard ( Jeremy Piven) tries to get them evicted off the campus in this hilarious film.


Classic. You will laugh at almost every line in this entire movie – unforgettable sayings like “Let’s go streaking” and “You’re crazy man; I like you, but you’re crazy!” will have you on the floor and asking for more. You will be repeating lines from this movie for the rest of your life, so you might as well get a head start! =)


Once again, Will Ferrel extends his comedic stronghold on the American Cinema with his all-star supporting cast and hilarious acting and lines. You never know what will happen next, and the character’s reactions never get old. Snoop Dogg has a cameo in the movie as well, he was the hired entertainment for Mitch’s college party.


The plot of this movie was really good, featuring three has-beens that form a frat on a college campus; with a Dean who wants none of the likes of them anywhere near his institution. In the end, the good prevail, and the Bad, retire? (Don’t want to ruin the ending for you!)


The music in Old School was classic, namely the several injections of Dust in the Wind by Kansas, which, much like in Anchorman (in which Ferrel sang Afternoon Delight), was sung by Ferrel at Blue’s funeral, and is then later sung by Blue in heaven at the end of the film.


Why in the world would you not watch this movie? It is hilarious, and if you have ever seen the movie Animal House (review coming asap) and enjoyed it, you will love Old School!

5/5 Reels
Platinum Squid Rating
You must see this movie!


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