Stand By Me

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While growing up some of your best memories can come from hanging out with your friends over the summers. Wither it be going on dangerous, exciting adventures in your backyard, to playing Marco Polo at the local city swimming pool. You can grow and break friendships over the course of one summer, some of your childhood friends will stay with you throughout high school and beyond, while others you will part ways with and who will become only faces you see, but the times you spend together will stay with you, like the boys in the 1986 release of Rob Reiner’s “Stand By Me.”


Written by Ray Gideon & Bruce A. Evans (“Starman”, “Jungle 2 Jungle”) the dialogue fits in perfectly with young boys in the 1950s. Cussing, talking about each others moms, and debating wither Goofy is a dog or not all fit the aspects of what young boys do. It never gets boring nor does it seem to lang at all, perfectly written in my opinion.


The story involves these four kids going on a weekend hike to find a dead kid that apparently got hit by a train. Now if that is all the movie was about, it would probably be pretty boring. But this film explores the fears and anxieties of what it was like to be 12 again. Twelve year olds deal with a plethora of issues and it is not often that adults listen to what kids have to say or see what they deal with. But this film is honest about it’s assessment of how they feel.


The music set the mood for the entire film, songs from the 1950s helped bring us back in time to the 1950s, even if we were born decades later. The songs helped pace the film well, and also help describe the emotion that was trying to be portrayed in the scene.


Overall this film is a classic, not just from the 80s, but of all time. Based on the novella “The Body”, written by Stephen King, this film is truly entertaining and keeps your eyes peeled all the way through.

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  1. I have to say that the Pie Eating Contest/Barf-o-rama to this day is a scene I think about and smile at. For the time, it was pretty risky to make fun of that much vomit. 🙂 But this still holds a place in my heart for a great story.

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