The Village

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Everything seems to be in place and perfect for a small colonial era township located in a large clearing and surrounded by woods, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Mysterious creatures lie beyond the border of the town, and no one is allowed to cross the border for fear that the creatures will exact their revenge. After a few appearances by the creatures, an accident befalls a young couple. Death will occur if medicine is not obtained, and an idea to obtain it is brought before the powerful town council of elders.


The dialogue is very fitting for the time period that the film seems to portray. It is not overly hard to understand conversation, but it is heavily laden with old English. There is a lot of detail revealed through the conversations of the town.


The cast that was selected for The Village was another great choice by the head production staff. Not only did the characters look like they were set in colonial times, they also used accents and behaviors that further convinces the viewer to believe that they are a people that lived over 400 years ago.


This was the strongest part of the movie, but what is a movie without a good plot? Words really cannot describe the depth of which the movie contains – you have to watch it several times to digest all the information, themes, stories, and emotions of the people in The Village and the woods that surround their commune.


The music set the mood of the movie very effectively and very quickly. It was mostly string instrumentals that worked well both as a suspense and an at rest tempo to bring the viewer into the action with the actors.


This is another classic from M. Night Shyamalan, the incredible director that also created the yet-to-be-reviewed movie (Staff member Patrick Farmer has politely informed me below that I already reviewed the movie), Signs. He is one of my favorite directors because of the way his plots twist and turn throughout his films – what you think will happen turns into something completely different within a matter of seconds in The Village, and any of his films for that matter.

I highly recommend this film to anyone who enjoys a movie with thrills, suspense, and a good plot! =)

5/5 Reels
Platinum Squid Rating
A true masterpiece and a have-to-see for any viewer!



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