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There are some people out that you just can’t stand. Like in school, you are always put in a group with someone who you cannot tolerate. In the end, you have to learn to work with people you hate, wither it be for a grade, a project, or to survive, like the people in the 2005 release of John Gulager’s “Feast.”


Written by Patrick Melton & Marcus Dunstan (Saw IV-VI) the dialogue throughout was very well written and had nice comedic lines throughout that did not ruin the mood of the film. This is a film that has man memorable lines from a colorful group of characters that helped make the film as great as it was.


The acting was above average for a group of mainly newcomers to the acting scene. Veteran actor Clu Gulager, leads a cast starring Balthazar Getty, Krista Allen (Final Destination 4) that make their roles ones to remember. Bozo was my fav. Turning from town jackass to hero number… well that doesn’t matter, he’s a kick-ass guy!!


The plot was very simple, yet very enjoyable. A rag-team of people are trapped in a bar to battle the monsters outside. Even more creative is how the characters inside voice their opinions on how they should handle the situation. Some will make you laugh, cry, and throw up but everyone was unique in the film, which worked to it’s advantage.


This probably was the weakest area of the film, but that’s not saying much. The music played over the characters stat info was chosen well. The overall scores in the film worked effectively in moving the scenes with ease and hardly any problems.


Overall this film is one of my favorite horror films of this decade. It brings something new to the table that’s SUCH a refreshment from the current remake/splat pack films of this decade. I’m really excited, I see this series becoming a memorable one with the 2nd installment coming out on October 7th, and the 3rd film coming out probably in the coming months, I’m looking for to get my fill of Sloppy Seconds, and seeing the Happy Finish in full force.

4/5 Squid Rating

Golden Squid

Def. buy this DVD


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  1. I loved this movie. People always say “Don’t go there.”

    These guys wen there and beyond. My favorite part is right in the beginning when they give the intro to Mewes. It was perfect.

    There were scenes in this movie that were beyond wrong and that is what I loved about it. They pushed it for all they could get and did beautifully.

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