Area 52

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The movie is set at the titular installation in Antarctica, where alien remains and items are sent for storage after Area 51 in Nevada is finished experimenting on them. When the base is attacked by mercenaries, an extraterrestrial creature is set loose and an Army nurse has to take it on.


Well this sounds like a great film. The director,Steven C. Miller, has the to say about the film, “AREA 52 is ALIEN meets DIE HARD, a great mix of action and horror, I love monster flicks, and the horror community really seems to be itching for a good one, so that’s what I plan on delivering.” Us in the horror community DO want a good monster flick, ones been WAY overdo he seems like he wants to deliver, lets hope he does. Keep you updated as production begins on this film, expected to be due out probably late next year, if not early 09.

Release Date

Not set ~ 2009-2010

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