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Mysterious events from outer space assault a troubled family on their small farm in the Sci-Fi/Horror film Signs. The father,who lost his wife in a tragic accident, was once a priest and lost faith because of the incident. He believes in coincidence, not destiny, and thinks that there is a perfectly logical explanation for the happenings.

He soon finds out that his theory is totally wrong.


The dialogue in this movie was very deep and had many meanings. It featured a lot of foreshadowing and contained lots of details that added to the plot and made the acting followable. It was a creative and great way to approach this often bland section of these types (Sci-Fi) of movies.


The acting in Signs was remarkable. Every single character in the film played a large role in the plot. It really helped to make the movie an enjoyable experience, and was well complemented by the dialogue and vice-versa.


Alien invasions have been done a million times over, but Signs was a different, and pleasant, surprise! The engaging plot was moved along with great acting and awesome dialogue, helping to pull the whole package together and deliver a great show.


Great. Just like the dialogue and the acting, the music helped to set the mood of the scene and make the whole experience even better.


This is a great movie! An unforgettable tale of one man who loses faith, and then finds it once again after defeating a horrifying evil. It’s also a bargain now, so why not pick up a copy?

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