Maniac at Large

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When you live with parents who NEVER leave the house, any time they leave to go to the grocery or go out for dinner, you’ll always happy to have the house to yourself for a little while. You never think of the possible dangers that you risk while staying alone, like the events that are foretold in Dakota A. Thomas’s “Maniac At Large.”


Written by the director, Dakota A. Thomas wrote a nice piece of work here. The chatter between the mom and the daughter is that, that every mother and child duo undertake, and the same with the lead girl and her friend on the phone gossiping, very realistic. The dialogue with the DJ on the radio added a sense of comic relief with helped rather than hurt the feature.


I was pleasantly surprised with the acting. Vikki Hallauer, who was a major hottie in this, portrayed an average teenager who gets caught up in a horrific event. She did a great job in this piece. Alice Atkin plays the mother, who pretty much fits the mother role to a tee.


The plot was unique, to where as it took a simple idea but made it special. It’s a classic fear, having intruders in your house and at the most causing you harm, and it’s told in a very classy way. I loved the 80s references it made me feel like I was watching something straight outta the 80s, which is a plus with me since I live, breath, and sleep 80s! I also have to metion the very last scene of the flick, i absolutely loved how it ended, it’ll make since once you check it out.


The music was songs from the 80s. Every song seemed to fit the scene well and progressed the story from scene to scene, which was pleasant to see done in a feature that was made today.


Overall I enjoyed this piece by Mr. Thomas. The only problem I noticed was the length. This can easily be made into a full length film, which I’d enjoy VERY much. A great debut from a promising new director.

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