Scary Movie 3

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Scary Movie 3


A bizarre and hilarious culmination of the movies Signs, The Ring, and The Sixth Sense, Scary Movie 3 continues the series’ tradition of entertaining spoofs on popular horror movies!


Excellent. It was very funny, and all sorts of humor (both hidden and obvious) was in every line. It was very well complemented by the acting.


The acting in this movie was awesome. All of the scenes contained something funny, and the actors helped to keep the movie like that. As mentioned before, the acting supplemented the dialogue well, and vice-versa.


The plot consisted of a mash up of scenes from various horror movies, mostly from The Ring and Signs. There was also some connection to The Sixth Sense.

The plot was very funny and proved to be quite a good parody of their original counterparts. It was moved along at a good pace by the acting and dialogue.


Great. The music and sounds effects fit in the movie well. Many of the selections were very similar to horror movie music, like Halloween’s. This point helped to make the movie even better, since there was a parody of music in the movie!


This is a great movie! It comes on TV fairly often now, so seeing it shouldn’t be too hard. I would definitely recommend renting or buying this movie, since it it sure to entertain play after play!

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