Studio Ghibli debuts The Red Turtle, joint French-Japanese animation project

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The Red Turtle

It will be a story without dialogue, but based on the trailer I don’t think that’s going to take anything away from the experience.

This is the first Studio Ghibli co-production, and it features French animator┬áMichael Dudok De Wit. His charcoal-penned style is distinctly different from Ghibli’s previous films.

It will be at Cannes Film Festival this summer. French release is slated for June 29, with a later Japanese release in September.

The Red Turtle – La Tortue Rouge

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One thought on “Studio Ghibli debuts The Red Turtle, joint French-Japanese animation project

  1. The painterly style of the background landscapes is immersive, making the forest appear a solid wall of green sparsely populated with leaves. It is an escape to lose yourself in this progression of life without civilization, and gives gut-wrenching impact to the moments of connection between the man and the animals he encounters.

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