SquidFlicks turns 7

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In an unrelated note, I turn 23. SquidFlicks is old. I am older. Thanks for all the fun, peeps.

As for birthday content – nobody cares when you turn 23. Not even Taylor Swift. She stopped counting at 22.

As a fresh faced 7-year-old, SquidFlicks will face new challenges, like the reduction in nap time and the possibility of losing recess. There will also be more movies to review, and a huge queue of unfinished content to attend to.

As a decrepit 23-year-old, I will face a quarter-life crisis and refuse to reach age-appropriate developmental milestones, forever embracing my inner child. God help us both.

In more positive news:

It’s October, that magical time of year – Halloween is just around the corner. You know what that means, right? The big sweepstakes!*

Just make sure you purchase items with the SquidFlicks logo, and tune in on the 31st for the drawing. I think we’re all going to be big winners this year….

*there isn’t a sweepstakes, but we’ll try and get some stuff done. =)

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