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A single father who is the writer of a popular self-help column in the newspaper has always been very protective of his three daughters. After all, they’re the only thing he has left. As the time of the annual family reunion is upon the four, the trouble really starts for Dan (Steve Carell). He meets a wonderful woman in a bookstore who seems to be a perfect match for Dan. Turns out the Date could soon be an in-law: it’s his brother’s girlfriend. During the course of the reunion, many awkward moments and events occur, leading to a happy ending for all.


The script for Dan in Real Life is quite well done. It made sense, which is good especially in a dramatic comedy (a rare genre for myself). While the movie is slightly serious, it has a lot of subtle and hidden humor that you may have to watch the movie a few times to catch. My favorite has to be when he is pulled over multiple times by the same officer for speeding. When the officer tells him the amount of the fine, Dan (Carell) says, “Put it on my tab.”

Not something you want to replicate in real life, as you see from the officer’s reaction! 😉


Steve Carell and cast played great roles in this movie. A notable actor is fellow comedian Dane Cook who plays as Dan’s brother and only obstacle in Dan’s path to the girl of his dreams.

I would have to say that Carell performs well in genres outside comedy like The Office and The 40-Year-Old Virgin. If you don’t believe me, you need to see Dan in Real Life as well as Little Miss Sunshine (2006)


Dan in Real Life has a great plot, especially for a dramatic comedy, Where else could love and tension strain than in a packed house for a family reunion during a extended period of time? It’s almost like a bomb of drama with comedy grenades! :p


The music for Dan in Real Life was great. Sondre Lerche was the composer for the great acoustic melodies that define both the tragic and the funny moments in the film.


I generally tend to avoid romantic movies, but I am a Steve Carell fan and I loved Little Miss Sunshine, so I gave his latest dramatic work a try. Well, all I can say is that I loved this movie, and it goes to show that you can find love anywhere, even if it takes some awkwardness and a little time!

A certain friend of mine could certainly take this advice to heart! :p

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