SquidFlick’s Into The Dome: Under The Dome – “The Fire” Review

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intoOur newest feature here at SquidFlicks is our “Into The Dome” line of entries. Each week we will debut a review of that week’s episode of the new CBS series “Under The Dome.”  I’m going into this without reading the novel, or any cliff notes of it in any form. Spoilers ahead!

So we pick up with a frantic Linda receiving the back up that she had called for at the conclusion of last weeks episode. Duke, the town’s Sheriff, is dead after touching the dome and it destroyed (or exploded rather) his pacemaker. Linda frantically tries to keep order and tells the other cops to do their duty.

We see a flashback to a prior day when Barbie was beating up Julia’s husband, saying that his boss wants his money. From this we can assume that Barbie, or Dale Barbara as we learn is his full name, was either a hired man to retain this money or does this for a living. Junior continues to torment and hold Angie hostage until she loves him like she used to. After she tries to escape he chains her ankle to the bed. He tells her how he knows all about Barbie and her. She tells him that he is right and that her and him hooked up. This obviously light s fire under Junior, who then goes after Barbie. After confronting him Barbie, and attempting to fight him, Barbie isn’t afraid to unload a few punches and promises that next time he won’t stop.

The bigger plot line of this episode was that Duke left Linda everything including his house. Big Jim, who reveals that the local town Reverend is also in on this propane scandal, tries to find the evidence that Duke had against them. The Rev is able to take Duke’s keys (or Linda’s keys with Duke’s attached) and sneak into his house to try to find this evidence. After finding and burning it, he throws the burning papers into a PLASTIC bin and watches as the house quickly becomes inflamed.

So we have a fire that’s filling a dome with toxic smoke and a town with no fire department (as they were at a nearby town’s parade). Barbie, possibly showing his military background quickly coordinates people to get their buckets, hoses, anything they can to try and keep this fire contained. Load and behold Big Jim comes riding a bulldozer to demolish the house and extinguish the fire. Linda, who saved the trapped Rev from Duke’s house, is starting to not buy into all of the talk that Big Jim is saying.

This episode really started to have people turn on one another, and showed those basic human instincts get the better of some of them. As this season continues I expect more of this type of occurrence and more radical changes in the governing system.

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