A new Terminator trilogy? Commentary

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Patrick beat me to it, but I just wanted to elaborate on some things:

The News:

Rumor has it that Paramount is rebooting the franchise with a new trilogy of movies. It is not know whether franchise star Arnold Schwarzenegger will be a part of the films, and other details at this moment are scarce.

My Thoughts/Concerns:

As a huge franchise fan, I have to say this is a victory even without a tremendous amount of detail. There is a lot of story left to tell after the conclusion of Salvation. That’s the only problem I can potentially see here – will the saga continue based on the events of the previous four films, or is there going to be a reconstruction of the entire franchise? I feel that would be a huge mistake if that’s the route Paramount wants to take.

Will things work out, Or will Skynet dismantle this project before it can even get off the ground? Let’s hope that the resistance is strong enough to give us a few more hours of post-apocalyptic entertainment!

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