28 Weeks Later

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28 Weeks Later


When I heard that the sequel to 2003’s “28 Days Later came out on DVD, I rushed my video store, to get my fill of the infected…again.


The dialogue was even better in the sequel than the first film I thought. Each character’s dialogue seemed to make them that much more believable.


The acting was just great, and really paced the film well, these strong preformances mixed with dialogue everyone can related to, connect you to them and you just hate it when they die.


After seeing this film, and knowing that a “28 Months Later” is in the works, I see this series as the modern Romero Dead Series (Night,Dawn,Day). Each film depicts how people are surviving the disease outbreak at different times, days weeks, months later. I liked how this had much more army control in it, and how organized they handled a outbreak spread.


The music was mostly the same here as it was in the first one, but like they say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The main score is SO effective it gets you in a mood and you are startled by the many unexpected surprises in this film.


Wonderful film, way better than “28 Days Later” I think. This series could very well be one of the best new series to come out of the decade, and eager for the sets conclusion in “28 Months Later”

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