Star Wars or The Dark Knight: The Greatest Summer Movie

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Yahoo! Movies has been running a bracket-based tournament for the title of greatest summer blockbuster of all time. Naturally, the final match-up is between two juggernauts of film: Star Wars vs The Dark Knight. They have bested other summer classics like Independence Day, Jaws, Shrek, and Jurassic Park.

I think that both movie series certainly have their merits. Star Wars changed everything Hollywood knew about special effects and the so-called ‘limits’ of film, ushering the development of new technologies in the cinematic industry.

The Dark Knight on the other hand, completely revamped what a superhero movie should be. Gone are the days of campy, over-the-top cartoon heroes, and now we have a gritty, painful, and most importantly human concept of what a superhero really is. Never before had that occurred – superheros were regarded as perfect and flawless!

What I think it really boils down to is that this is a competition between two generations, two innovative directors, and two diverse fan bases. I think it’s a hard decision, but I think Star Wars wins just because it’s more established. I think that The Dark Knight trilogy will age like a fine wine and end up being held in the same esteem as Star Wars, but it is too soon in most people’s opinions.

Who did I vote for? The Dark Knight. I really loved that series, and I am not a huge comic fan. Star Wars was too easy because I am already a sucker for Sci-Fi. I believe in Harvey Dent!

Star Wars of course is running away with the lead, but there is still time to cast your vote. Today is the final day they will count! (5/31/2013)–vs—the-dark-knight—vote-to-decide-the-greatest-summer-movie-ever-213347697.html

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