The Dark Knight

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When Gotham is overrun with the worst of the worst criminals, Batman decides to go into action. While trying to discover what he truely is, newly-elected Defense Attorney for the city, Harvey Dent, goes on a public manhunt of all wrongdoers in the city. After a big raid on the mob and its banks, the Joker offers his service to the gang. He vows to solve their problem – The Batman – for a price. But the Joker doesn’t really care about the money, or anything else, he just wants to see his age old nemesis.

“Why so serious?”


All lines in this movie were full of meaning – if you missed just one sentence, you could’ve missed out on hearing information vital to the plot and the cast! Not to mention the way that the actors used their voices to really make it seem like


Every single actor in this movie was phenominal – almost as if we were actually living out the perils of life in Gotham City. Heath Ledger as the Joker was unbelievable; it blows all other versions of the Joker way out of the water. I am talking insane, wicked awesomeness here! =0


The plot in The Dark Knight was just jam packed with all kinds of action, then threw in personal problems, relationships, conflicts, and a dash of plot twists to create one spicy stew I call delicious! Why can’t more movies pack this kind of heat?


The music was as important as the plot, actors, and script. It helped to build up tension, release action, and just get you ready for the next twist in the movie!


This was an incredible experience, and one not to miss. The Dark Knight is easy to follow even if you are a new-comer to the Batman world. I myself have watched various versions of the animated show and have seen Batman Begins a fair number of times – I recommend you do the same if you really want to see more of the caped crusader!


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