Fast and Furious 6

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Not many film franchises get six sequels, much less racing/action movies. This is mostly territory relegated to horror film franchises! What makes Fast 6 a little different from most of the classic horror series is that it hasn’t lost its exciting pace or soul.

While the story arc/plot has never really been groundbreaking (it always ends up being some mix of James Bond and Need for Speed), the Fast and Furious franchise is best known for combining hard-hitting action, fast cars, beautiful women, and over-the-top effects.

Now, I have never been a strong follower of the franchise, but I will have to say that this was one of the better entries in the series. It actually had a little bit of thought mixed in with all the explosions and crashes. One of the only sources of plot-trickery involves the character of Han. Fast 6 finally addresses the open ended question that has left franchise fans wondering when the events of Tokyo Drift (the third Fast film) would finally happen in real time.

All in all, this was really well done. Good choreography and effects, and you can tell that the cast genuinely has fun interacting with one another. There was also some welcome plot variability, but don’t worry, there is still a tremendous amount of car fighting, racing, and ridiculously impossible stunt scenes. There is also a hilariously huge British muscle man that easily ranks as one of my favorite movie villains.

I recommend that you brush up on the series if you aren’t familiar, but this is a movie that you can easily jump into and enjoy without knowing all there is to know about the Fast and Furious franchise.

And fans, don’t worry – Fast 7 is already under production!

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