Les Miserables

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les_miserables_ver11So yea. I watched a musical, and it was not horrible, but that was largely because of the CGI and interesting camerawork. I literally had to turn on the captions because it was really hard to hear the lyrics despite having the television volume raised to deafening levels.

It was also a Blu-Ray copy, so the visuals were stunning, although I was left quite confused throughout the entire thing.

It was watchable, but I was left wondering the following:

  • Why did Anne Hathaway get an Oscar for basically 10 minutes of screen total screen time?
  • The entire star-studded cast was largely unrecognizable, almost “cracked-out” (especially Hugh Jackman)
  • Sacha Baron Cohen may have been the best actor in the movie, since he got to play a character he has already developed in his other work. (see 19th century Borat…)
  • Why does everyone have an English accent when this is supposed to be a French movie/play?
  • Why can’t France do anything right? (sorry, that’s just not fair.)

I’d give it a 3.5/5.
Go watch the play/musical live if that’s your thing…

You should also watch this, because it accurately describes a lot of the problems that I ended up having with this movie:

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