Hot Tub Time Machine

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A big thanks to Shaun Rowe for the guest review!

I found Hot tub time machine to be a pleasant surprise when I watched it for the first time, a film that doesn’t only consist of a few laughs here and their but a one that has a deeper meaning within all the gags and one liners.

The 4 main characters being Insurance salesman Adam (John Cusack). A once budding musician Nick (Craig Robinson). Violator of the group Lou (Rob Corddy) and finally, Adam’s nephew Jacob (Clark Duke). After drifting apart and their life’s not turning out how they expected the gang are reunited after Motley Crue fanatic Lou ends up in hospital after attempting suicide; although Lou denies this Adam and Nick decide it would be a good idea to go back to the 3’s old getaway ‘Kodiak Valley Ski Resort.’ On Arrival the group soon realizes that things have changed at K-Val for the worst. After checking in the gang make another discovery in the form of their deserted party going nature or ”momentum” as they put it, when all hope seems to be lost they decide to get into the Hot Tub. Copious amounts of alcohol later, they wake up in what seems to be the dreaded ‘morning after’ feeling – as they slowly progress through the day the gang soon realize they are back in 1986!
With the whole gang too scared to put a foot out line in fear of affecting their future lives – the biggest being the possibility of Jacob not being born – will they remain grounded or will they try to change the past in order to improve the future and their so far lackluster lives?

On a whole I found Hot Tub Time Machine to be very enjoyable, although not the funniest film you’ll ever see it has enough to keep you more than satisfied. With cameo appearances ¬†form 80’s legends Chevy Chase, Crispin Glover and William Zakba it most certainly delivers on nostalgia. As I mentioned above the deeper meaning is one in which we all can relate to. Whatever choices we make in life whether they be good or bad it will ultimately affect us as we get older; difference being will be able to go back in time and rectify our mistakes.

Final Verdict:

Main Cast:
John Cusack as Adam Yates
Craig Robinson as Nick Webber
Rob Corddy as Lou Dorchen
Clark Duke as Jacob Yates
Collette Wolfe as Kelly Yates
Lizzy Calpan as April Drennan
Sebastian Stan as Blaine
Crispin Glover as Phil Wedmaier
William Zakba as Rick Steelman
Chevy Chase as Father Time/Hot Tub Repair Man
Kellee Stewart as Courtney Agnew-Webber

Budget $36 Million
Box Office $61 Million

Directed by Steve Pink
Story by Josh Heald

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