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I finally gave another shot at a reptile horror/sci-fi flick. See I’ve been on a non-viewing mode of those kinda movies ever since i reviewed “Carnosaur”. I figured its time though to check another one out, and boy was it time. I’m a huge “Jurassic Park” fan, and Michael Lantieri, who worked on the dinosaur effects in JP, directed this 1999 release of “Komodo”


The only good thing to say about this dialogue is that it is not lengthy. When you think it’d be a long drawn out part it isn’t, for example when Oates is explaining his wifes death, its short,brief to the point.


The acting was decent enough, the actors gave great performances, and at the end of the day, isn’t that what really matters?


The story isn’t generic, thats all I can say. After you watch all these reptile sci-fi flicks the only thing that changes is the character’s back stories, and the size of the reptile.


This music was halfway decent, but could have been better. To me when they were being chased, it just sounded like a track from one of those royalty free CDs.


Ok, thats all I have to say. It was good to watch, but nothing I haven’t already seen before. Much better than a Sci-Fi Pictures Original!!

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