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Jackie Moon (Will Ferrel) is at the top of his game: he is the owner of a platinum single, Love Me Sexy, and is the proud owner of the Flint, Michigan Tropics, an ABA basketball team. He is the star forward, head coach, and as previously mentioned the owner of the Tropics. The only problem is that the ABA is being merged with the NBA, and only the best four teams of the league at the end of the season will become NBA franchises. Jackie then rushes to get the Tropics to forth place overall and win an NBA berth. Let’s get Tropical!


The dialogue in Semi-Pro was excellent, but there was a lot of extreme profanity that didn’t need to be used. As far as the jokes and reactions between the characters in conversations – that was priceless. Lines like “If you have small children, use them as a shield; bears love the tender meat!” are prevailent, and you will find yourself replaying them over and over again inside your mind.


Will Ferrel and crew deliver on the acting. Great physical comedy and mannerisms were evident throughout the entire movie. One of my favorite scenes is the fight during commercial break – Jackie Moon (Ferrel) takes his shoe off and knocks out an opposing player with it! =P


Extremely original. Besides casting Will Ferrel for the lead role, this is the most important factor that made this movie so great. It’s a shame we can’t have more original masterpieces such as this one.


The music was very well chosen for the setting of the movie, which was mid-1970s, specifically 1976. Love Me Sexy, which was an original song performed by Ferrel for the movie, is also quite good. I have it on my Creative Zen Vision M mp3 player to add a little variety to my library! Ha!


This was a great movie, even if the language was a little too extreme, There were several instances where the F-bomb was dropped and it didn’t really fit in with the situation. I wish that there was an edited version suited for public showing, but that will come soon I suppose (once it airs on TV).


4.5/5 Reels
Gold Squid Rating
Go see this (but don’t show it to the wee ones!)

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