The Dark Knight – Preview

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An Official SquidFlicks Preview


Batman sets out to eliminate the remaining criminal organizations left in Gotham City, notably the Joker, a criminal psychopath and his gang of equally-insane thugs. To stop the chaos across the city, the Dark Knight will have to use everything in his arsenal, and then some. It will finally take what he himself truly believes in to win his greatest battle yet.


I feel that this is going to be one of the THE must see movies of the summer. I think that The Dark Knight will far outshine the previous Batman films that just failed to impress the majority of viewers. Mr. Freeze, anyone?

The most spectacular asset of the film would have to be the new Joker, played by the recently deceased Heath Ledger. Although I will never forgive an actor who was a star of such films as Brokeback Mountain (ugh), this proves to be quite entertaining. A good villain requires an evil voice to match the character.

This was Heath’s swan song on the big stage, and I think we all can enjoy the work he contributed to!

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July 18, 2008


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