Hiccups with the Apocalypse marathon footage

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I am sorry that the marathon footage didn’t make it on the site in time to be relevant for the world’s impending doom on December 21, but we’ve been having some strange camera/footage importing errors between Patrick’s camera and our editing system. The entire marathon is completely edited and ready for export. The problem is that we cannot seem to get Final Cut to export the footage – instead of copying the footage from the camera to the editing system’s hard drive, the footage seems to have remained on the camera. Final Cut doesn’t like that, and will not export the footage until we figure out how to save a copy of the footage locally to the editing computer.

I’m putting all my effort into getting this fixed, because Pat and I had a great amount of content and discussion over the entire apocalypse movie genre, and we really want to share that discussion with all of our loyal fans and fellow movie buffs!

And before I forget to mention – Merry Christmas from your pals at SquidFlicks! Stay tuned for some holiday themed content.

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