An American Werewolf in London

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Beware the Moon. Advise that the normal man would hear and think “WTF???” But if you have recently visited the Slaughtered Lamb pub, you should def. like the warning and stick to the road unlike the two Americans in the 1981 release of John Landis’s “An American Werewolf in London.”


Written by director John Landis, the dialogue was witty, clever, and entertaining. It all flowed very well and never got too boring when it came to the long dialogue scenes. It had a very modern feel, for the 80s, and its a no brainer as to why it is such a cult classic.


Led by veteran actor David Naughton, the core group of actors gave grade A performances. One of my favorite characters in the film was Griffin Dunne’s role as Jack Goodman. Jack gets knocked off pretty early in this one, but he comes back every few days throughout the film, decaying more and more until he basically is down to skin and bones, pleading for David to end his life and lay him to rest. Its a very classic role that many people remember.


Again written by John Landis (Blues Brothers), this story is very entertaining and original. It is one of the big three werewolf films (others being “The Howling” & “Wolfen”) that were released in the early 80s, but however it doesn’t have any of the elements from the other too, and its been labeled a cult classic.


This being one of the weakest areas of the film. hardly any suppporting music, but did have a few catchy tunes that dealt with the moon, so that was good.


Overall this film is excellent, and is considered in my eyes to be a classic. The fact that this film has the best werewolf transformation scenes ever is enough for this to be the classic that it has become.

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