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Hey guys first off I just want everyone to know that the following is only the views and remarks by me, Patrick Farmer, co-owner of Squidflicks, and no one else from the OSS network.

I’m more of the creative side of the site, I try to think of things that become Squidflicks original productions. I have created an upcoming online series that is much like TNT’s Monstervision, but has independent films featured. I’m working on a documentary that focuses on Ghosts in the Western KY area, which I hope to begin on this summer. The other Squidflicks production that I’m working on is Movie Marathons, the first one being, the A Nightmare on Elm Street series. Along with Squidflicks original productions, I’m working on my first independent film, Urban Nights, which is an anthology. Along with all these things I’m trying to continue to write reviews, and live a regular 17 year olds life.

The point I’m trying to make is that I know I haven’t delivered anything yet, but I really don’t appreciate the negativity I’ve been getting from people on forums, emails, etc. The project I’m receiving the most criticism is the Monstervision type show titled, HorrorHut. There have been many setbacks and we are finished with the debut show, it’s a matter of touching up and finding a good way to stream a 2 hour + show. I’d like for everybody to know that I’m trying, we are trying to make things, grow as directors, writers, actors, etc, so that even if the first couple of things are rough, that we will get better, and please give us and our ideas a chance.


-Patrick Farmer

-Squidflicks;HorrorHut Productions

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  1. Go Get ‘Em Pat!

    No, but seriously folks – we are not made of time, just as you aren’t made of time. We have our plates full and we are working to clear them as soon as possible!

    Masterpieces aren’t made in minutes! 😉

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