The Dark Knight Rises – Fading to Gray?

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The third film falls short in this reviewer’s opinion.

A big thanks to Emil for this review!

What it lacks in storytelling, it attempts to cover with massive explosions and crashes and even more garish Han Zimmer scores. Nolan has a penchant for these. The Dark Knight Rises (2012) plot seems strikingly similar to Batman Begins (2005) although far more muddled and the delivery far too long and tedious throughout. The characters are vastly less well developed; in particular, Bane’s ‘badness’ – played by Tom Hardy – pales in comparison to those prior more sinister evildoers in the earlier Nolan films. Christian Bale, who returns as the Dark Knight, lacks the direct emotional cords that tied him – and us – to both Batman Begins (2005) and The Dark Knight (2008): no stakes for the courageous man, only obstacles for the dispassionate superhero. Obvious omissions in the story are commonplace – laughable in parts – for example, at one point Gotham Police are trapped for months in the city’s sewer system, yet when freed look as if they are leaving for work on a routine morning: bathed, shaved, and dressed as immaculately (hats included) as when they were trapped months earlier! Add numerous similar omissions, a lack of dark stealthiness the prior two films epitomized – which incidentally, is glaringly absent, and the unforgivably commercial ending and Nolan has done what his antagonists’ could not. Do Gotham and your fellow moviegoers a favor: wait until you can rent it for a $1, or better yet – wait to catch it free online – else, such dark nights will indeed rise again.

2 out of 5 

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