Viacom, Vampire of syndicated media

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Why can’t we have nice things?

Well, here we go again – Viacom is holding another content provider in limbo because they want more money. Will it ever stop? Increase the quality and accessibility of your precious “products” and maybe money will flow! How do you expect to gain any advertisementĀ opportunitiesĀ if there is no way to watch your shows? It’s not a difficult concept to grasp.

Sometimes greed blinds us, but I honestly don’t know why millions of people have to go without some of TV’s most popular channels because Viacom can’t sit down and make a fair deal with DIrecTV. Pitiful, and hopefully it doesn’t last weeks. I remember a similar situation with Viacom and Dish Network not that long ago – 6 or 7 years tops.

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  1. I am a DirecTV subscriber and couldn’t be more pissed off that 15 of the channels I pay for are being blocked out.

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