Criticize the Dark Knight Rises?

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You mad, bro?

Adamant fans are loosing their minds and posting some pretty vicious responses to the handful of negative reviews that The Dark Knight Rises has garnered all across the internet. Nolan’s telling everyone to chill, because he (and anyone sensible) knows this movie will be awesome, no matter what one out of every ten “professional” critics thinks.

I think the only thing sillier than fans attacking the negative reviews would be the reviewing critics themselves. Who thinks this movie is going to be a letdown? I just can’t think there’d be any other reason for a negative review besides serving as link bait (and ad revenue from all the raging fans).

Anywho, I’m just ready for the weekend so I can watch this thing!

Wild Fact:
Did you know that Bane is a republican, and Nolan wrote his part to defile presidential hopeful Mitt Romney and the entire Republican Party? Naw, that’s impossible. Silly Rush Limbaugh. Seriously, you’re a sillyhead. Batman has no politics, only justice!

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