Is Robin in The Dark Knight Rises?

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It’s a TRILOGY, Batman!

I stumbled across an interesting article today that provides some intriguing insight on the highly anticipated conclusion to the amazing and bleak trilogy on the Dark Knight by Christopher Nolan.

The premise:
While I am a little disappointed that the Riddler didn’t make an appearance in the final film (I still am holding out some semblance of hope/despair), some digging by determined fans shows some interesting clues that another character from the series could make a previously unannounced appearance: Batman’s faithful sidekick, Robin!

If the rumors prove true, will Nolan’s interpretation of Robin become a memorable addition to the series? Early talk has it that Anne Hathaway as Catwoman is excellent, so Robin will certainly have to make an impression if he shows up. (Cat got your tongue?)

After seeing this revelation, I am excited to potentially see Nolan’s dark twist on Robin. I think the evidence is at least a very interesting coincidence, but it sure seems like a safe bet to me. Read the article and form your own opinion, but I am not embarrassed to make the claim here: Robin will appear in the Dark Knight Rises.

If I am lucky, The Riddler will get a mention (doubtful, but hey, a man can dream…)


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