Zombies? Not just yet! (April Update)

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Well, I think that it is time to give everyone an update on SquidFlicks and what has been going on the past few weeks here. The short answer: not much; the real answer: a lot (I am working on more stuff behind the scenes again!)

Once again I am furiously working to integrate Amazon into SquidFlicks – meaning that in every review, there will be a link to purchase the movie on Amazon.com!

I am also working on a set posting schedule for reviews, so everyone knows what and when new posts are coming. It will be aptly named the calendar, and will list the upcoming posts in order.

As for SquidFlicks and the new look – it’s also on its way, and I think that everyone will like it!

Patrick and I have been pretty bogged down, school is starting in that final rush to finish curriculum and take tests, but by this time next month news and content should be coming more frequent. Perhaps the premiere episode of Horrorhut will follow – who knows? 😉

I’ll keep you posted!

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  1. Hmm, I like the Amazon idea. Should be cool!

    As always, keep up the great work.

    P.S.: Any chance of a new game over the summer from the Squid? 😮

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