The Hunger Games hype

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The tagline for the movie is pretty catchy, I must admit!

I certainly hope the movie lives up to the substantial amount of talk it has generated! I probably won’t get to see it this weekend, though. This would be the perfect opportunity for a guest review! =) *hinthint*

I swear if all these thousands of people lined up for the midnight showing see a debacle on the level of Pluto Nash, the armageddon may come sooner than predicted. And I will laugh. so. hard. I’d like to see this, and like I said, it had better live up to the hype. The books are pretty good! Remember kids, most movies come from books, and few movies are as good (or better) than the books. Imagination is how the old timers got by. Kids today are lazy! LAZY. But watching screens is easier than staring at musty, yellow pages in a well-used tome.

/rantover, enjoy the movie – but you should already be in the theater by now! If you are in the theater reading this – TURN OFF YOUR PHONE YOU SACK OF SQUID!

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