It’s about time, San Diego – Anchorman is back!

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Well, it has finally been confirmed by no less than legendary anchorman Ron Burgundy himself that the sequel to the 2004 hit comedy, Anchorman, does exist, and will be hitting theaters sometime next year. Will Ferrel made a surprise (and hilarious) guest appearance as lead anchor Ron Burgundy on Conan with the news. He broke the news with a highly appropriate and somewhat transfixing “yazz” flute performance.

I am really excited for this sequel. Anchorman is quite possibly one of the most original and hilarious comedies of all time (ranking up there with Airplane) and I will definitely be watching this on the big screen in 2013. See, now there is no reason for the world to end – you have something to look forward to in 2013! =D

The Announcement:

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