Worst TV Role Models

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So what? The picture doesn't match the article...=P

So I know most of the SquidFlicks readers are grown and don’t necessarily need a role model, but I came across an interesting article and thought it was worth sharing. I feel that it is pretty accurate. The only choice I don’t really agree with is the Goku/Gohan one, but I can see where the concern could be valid. I say that #4 should be replaced with say, Charlie Sheen  from “Two and a Half Men”.

In summary the top five worst TV role models are:

  1. Snooki (duh) “Jersey Shore”
  2. Tony “Skins”
  3. Kim Kardashian “Keeping up with the Kardashians”
  4. Goku and Gohan “Dragon Ball Z”
  5. Tyra Banks “America’s Next Top Model”

How do you feel about the choices?

The rest of the article – [ParentDish.com]

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