Copyright Infringement – SquidFlicks’ April Fool’s Trick 2008

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Whoa, what happened to SquidFlicks today? Well, if you visited anywhere from 12:00 AM to about 5:00 PM, you would have seen the image above instead of the website! (Minus the red text, lol) I thought that that little maintenance-turned-site-shut-down message was a pretty good little joke to let me celebrate April Fool’s Day with a wider audience!

Did you fall for it? I know Patrick did; he sent me a frantic message as soon as he saw the message, and I just about fell out with laughter.

His comments on my joke:

“I hate you man, that’s not funny!”


I hope everyone else had a fun day. Be sure and stay tuned for the latest updates on the movie marathon and a remake of the entire SquidFlicks site! There will be some more reviews on the way in between the news posts, so be ready for that as well!

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