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Hey guys! I’m not real sure if anyone is visiting SquidFlicks anymore since output has gone to squat. I want to change that here and now. SquidFlicks was founded because I loved watching movies and sharing them with others. I went to college last fall and pretty much forgot about the site. Now, its summer again and I want to make up for lost time.

Now you may wonder what prompted me to log in and write this post today, and I will tell you why – Waylon Bacon, a short film director who we have featured before – submitted a new film for review via our film submission form. I got to thinking, and realized that SquidFlicks was made by independent film artists for independent film artists, and if I give up on them then it would be a shame.

SquidFlicks wants to review Independent Films. We want to help your project make it to the next level. What’s more, The IndepenDEX, another web project of mine, was made specifically for short film directors to list their projects.

Come on back, and gather around the old TV guys – It’s movie time!

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  1. Thanks, SquidFlicks. Honestly, I think “Help Wanted” will be a classic short cult film someday!

    1. Well if it wasn’t for the directors like you that send us great stuff to talk about, this site wouldn’t exist! =P Thanks for getting me back in the game.

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