Fate of the Future

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   Hello SquidFlicks Nation,

                         Many things have been changing here at SquidFlicks over the past year. We have developed new content and have succeeded in maintaining more consistent postings. However, the dawning of change had to come.

With the split of the SF homeland, Shelby going to Lexington and attending UK, and me attending WKCTC and staying in our hometown, things would become more difficult to make. We had originally planned to have SquidFlicks divide into two factions, SquidFlicks Red & SquidFlicks Blue. I was to be in charge of Squidflicks Red and Shelby with SF Blue, and we would do our own content on our own time. As i started to work on content for SF Red, I realized that things would get too complicated. SquidFlicks shouls cover all genres, and I have been focusing on mainly horror, sci-fi, etc. I felt that I should put SquidFlicks into the hands of it’s captain, Shelby. After 2, nearly 3 years at SquidFlicks i’m officially announcing my departure as a full time staff member from the site. It’s been an honor to be able to work and make content with some of my best friends, and this is such a hard thing to do.  I’m still hoping to work on some joint projects between my new site that’s in development, www.horrorhutproductions.com, and SF. We will still have Jack the Janitor on both sites, and i can already tell you the New Year’s Eve Bash will be a joint project. I want to thank everyone for ever watching and checking out the site. I hope everyone will check out the new site, and I will always have a plac ein my heart for SquidFlicks.

All My Best,

-Patrick M. Farmer

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